Fantastic End Of The World

It's the end of the world, and it's going to be absolutely fantastic.

Hans J├╝rgen, the evil mastermind, has almost achieved her goal of obliterating earth. The earth will be entirely nuked in approximately 42 minutes.

(Due to time and space constraints, we do not elaborate on the ulterior motives behind this endeavour.)

However, there would still be plenty leftover nuclear weapons. After all, the Cold War has not been won by playing child games!

In this game, you are not playing as the evil mastermind, but as a subcontractor. Your job is to dispose of the leftover weapons by shooting them into space and detonating them at predefined positions in the night sky, in order to create a spectacular, splendid, yuuuge fireworks display for everyone to watch in their final moments and also accompanying the obliteration itself. Going down with style, so to speak.

However, capitalism demands that there be competition. A rival subcontractor has been given the same task as you, and thus only the one who disposes of more fireworks has a chance to survive.

And as if that wouldn't be enough to worry about already, the Russians may have noticed that you have learned counting in a way they do not particularly like.

How to play

Hit the targets of your own color (yellow) with your rockets. Wonderful explosions will be your reward. You also get one point for each target you hit.

If your rocket gets destroyed or hits a target, a new one is launched instantly from your rocket launcher in the bottom left corner.

A rocket gets destroyed if it tries to escape the screen. We want our audience to see the beautiful explosions!

A rocket gets destroyed if it collides with another rocket. If you hit the other player's rocket (cyan), both of you lose all their points!

The russians don't care about screen borders.

The game ends when a player has accumulated more than 10 points (that is at least 11 points). That player is also the winner of the game.